What is Energy Gel, How To Use Energy Gel?


Recently, as the demand for sports branches originating from athletics has increased, we have started to produce special content for the athletes of these branches. For example, there is a serious demand for sports branches such as cycling, running, swimming, triathlon, football, wrestling, etc. The most important support, even indispensable, of these athletes in supplementation, is energy gels. Everyone talks about an energy gel, but most people do not know what it does and how it is used. Now let’s examine the issue in detail.

What is Energy Gel?

The main content of the products called energy gel is carbohydrates. So this product is actually gel carbs. Carbohydrate, as you know, is the most important nutrient that plays a direct role in the body’s energy metabolism. In other words, carbohydrates are to humans what fuel is to cars. It creates energy that allows the body to work and keep the muscles working. Normally, carbohydrates can be taken as normal food or with powdered carbohydrate products, but since their consumption and digestion during the race is useless, gel carbohydrate products were needed. Especially during long and intense exercise, carbohydrate reserves in the body come to an end, and carbohydrates must be completed for the continuity of the exercise. This is where energy gels come into play.

How to Use Energy Gels?

An energy gel is designed for easy consumption during exercise due to its packaging and structure. In other words, the actual use time is during the exercise, but you can also consume it before the exercise. There are several different types of energy gels, depending on the brand. In addition to the standard carbohydrate content, the usage patterns of the versions containing extra electrolyte content or extra caffeine vary. To give an example about usage;

SiS Go Isotonic Gel before, at the beginning or mid-exercise
SiS Go+ Electrolyte Gel, an electrolyte gel to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat in the middle and after the exercise.
To support the decreased performance towards the end of the exercise or a few hours before, with caffeine, SiS Go+ Caffeine Gel.

This is how gels are used according to my strategy. What do you think, for example, “Can’t we just use the isotonic one or the electrolyte one?” Of course, because the main purpose of these products is to present carbohydrates as gels, electrolytes are caffeine, etc. These are details that can be chosen according to personal and strategic preferences, but this is the basic usage logic. Although the number of uses varies from person to person and according to the sport, you can consume one gel every 30-40 minutes on average.

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