What is Plank?

Plank Exercise Overview

The main function of the abdominal muscles in our life and in the most important exercises such as squat, deadlift, military press is to support the spine and stabilize the body. Therefore, if we only do the exercise and raise the legs, we forget to train the most important ability of our abdominal muscles – to stabilize the body. So if we really want to build strong core muscles, gain strength in all compound movements, and protect our back from injury, we should definitely add some form of stabilization or isometric movement to our abdominal routine. The plank is one of the most basic isometric movements and has a place in every good routine. This is the basic version of the exercise.


Lie facedown on a mat resting on your forearms and press your palms flat on the floor. Raise your body resting only on your toes and forearms. You should stand with your body straight and parallel to the ground. This is the starting position.


Hold this position for the recommended time and do not hold your breath. Breathe evenly throughout the entire set.


Keep your shoulder just above your elbows.
Don’t let your pelvis go down.
If you can hold the position for more than 2 minutes, add a little more weight over time or lift an arm or leg to increase the intensity.

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